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Drone Photography Services

SC Aerial Imagery captures breathtaking aerial photographs for all types of businesses and industries. Some of these include real estate firms, residential and commercial builders, construction companies, and local government agencies. We also offer custom packaging for projects that don't fit our standard packages here.

SC Aerial Imagery offers various packages to fit your needs. From pre-shoot planning, until the final edits are made, we have all the tools and experience necessary to ensure your project is a success. Don't hesitate to text, call or email with any questions. 

All aerial drone photography projects include RAW processing, color correction, and editing of all images. Because each project is unique, we employ various techniques such as auto-exposure bracketing (AEB) to ensure the highest quality finished product each and every time.

What is RAW Processing?

Unlike common digital photograph formats like JPEG and PNG, a RAW photo file is uncompressed. This means that, when viewing and editing a RAW file, you are seeing exactly what the camera sensor captured, with no degradation due to compression. This gives the photo editor much more control over elements like lighting and white balance. The end result? A much more crisp and vibrant photo. Here is an example:


Aerial drone photograph that has not been RAW processed.

After RAW Processing

Aerial drone photograph that has been RAW processed.

Recent Drone Photography Projects

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