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Joshua MacFarland, Owner of SC Aerial Imagery is a man of God, husband to his wife Sharon, and Father to his son Lincoln. Originally born in Tampa, FL. Josh and his wife Sharon have lived in SC for 8 years.


Josh has a background in technology, videography, post-production, and photography. He began by shooting local businesses, cities, towns, and the surrounding community. Then later decided on launching an aerial drone business, specializing in photography, cinematography, and post-production. With a goal to serve his community and create dynamic content for his clients to use as a tool to differentiate and grow their businesses. He uses the best equipment available and holds project consultations with clients to get a better understanding of their vision and preferences to best serve each client.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out anytime!

Matt Lee, who comes from near Richmond, VA, worked in sales and communication across multiple fields like HVAC, construction, and mortgage before relocating to South Carolina in 2021.


He likes traveling and camping, along with his wife April, and their three kids, Brayden, Brooklynn, and Bransyn during his free time. Matt also enjoys teaching his kids part-time at home, marketing for the Lee Loan Team, coaching little league baseball, working on his small farm, and playing fetch with his pet, Jackson, who is a Miniature Aussie. Matt and his family previously lived in an RV and traveled across the United States before relocating to South Carolina. During their journey, Matt met people from various cultural backgrounds, learned about different lifestyles, and explored various businesses.


He is enthusiastic about learning the objectives and principles of his clients and utilizing his expertise in drone technology to help convey their stories.

Matt Lee - Drone Pilot
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