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Welcome to SC Aerial Imagery, a full-service aerial drone video & photography services company based in SC. Our pilots are Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots and bring more than 10+ years of industry experience to serve their clients.


Each aerial drone video or photography project includes:

  • Stunning 4K Drone Videos

  • 10-20 Hi-Resolution Aerial & Ground Photos

  • Editing

  • Color grading

  • RAW Processing Of All Photos

  • Licensed Music For All Videos

  • Fully Licensed & Insured Drone Operators

  • SEO-friendly Landing Pages For All Projects

  • No Technical Skills are Required. We Do It All!

  • Fast 72-Hour Turnaround Time

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Who Needs Aerial Drone Video & Photography?

SC Aerial Imagery has produced drone video & photography projects for many businesses and industries, including:

  • Residential Real Estate & Property Management Firms
    Beautiful aerial views of neighborhoods, homes, and land tracts.

  • Commercial / Small Businesses
    Location shoots, commercial land, commercial buildings & promotional videos.

  • Residential & Commercial Builders
    Aerial views of new construction, "before & after" renovation projects.

  • Local Governments
    Parks & recreation, tourism, project progress.

  • Golf Courses
    Par excellence imagery to stand out from the rest.

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